Trip to Paris!

As much as i’d love to be one of these super motivated, productive people – in reality, i’m a constant procrastinator so booking holidays tends to just be put off and off until it’s too late. This time was an exception!

I’ve always wanted to visit Paris so when payday came a few weeks ago, my best friend and I bit the bullet and booked it. I can definitely say it was so worth it and my only regret is that I waited until I was 20 to start travelling a little.

Jean-Paul II Square

When we arrived at the airport, the first thing I noticed was that I felt a bit panicky. This was the first time I’d really had complete responsibility over myself in a new place and it was sort of like being thrown in the deep end. Despite some initial doubts, we successfully navigated around Paris for four days (…almost without getting lost). To say we only had the long weekend, we managed to pack in a lot of sight-seeing and were completely exhausted on the flight home.

Arc De Triomphe

Even though it was on my list of must see places, we stumbled on the arc completely by accident while we were hunting for the metro station and even manged to get a picture in a bit of very rare sunshine. As a bit of a shopping obsessive, the stroll down the Champs-Elysees was an absolute dream come true. Kat Von D had launched her brand in the Parisian Sephora the day before so naturally, I had to check it out!


 The design of the store front was definitely enough for me to ignore the pleading of my purse for me to just walk away. This was my first time in Sephora and it’s fair to say,  I went a little overboard. There were so many different stands that a lipstick here and a collagen mask there definitely added up. We both picked up a couple of Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and its fair to say, i’m impressed! The Champs Elysees itself is fantastic, there’s pretty much every store you could ever want (including a Zara Home, which I almost squealed at).

Notre Dame

 Something I loved maybe even more than the culture and history of Paris, was this overwhelming feeling of relaxation. Everything from the food to the fashion was so carefree and effortless. Before I went, I had this image built up in my head of what it would be like (picture a hybrid between Amelie and An American in Paris) and it strangely lived up to those expectations.

Eiffel Tower

 In keeping with my long established hatred of myself in pictures, I have hundreds of photos of the scenery so it was pretty hard to chose which ones to post. It was a pretty close call after seeing the light show at the Eiffel Tower but in the end most of my favorites were taken in the Louvre, which I can finally cross of my bucket list. I didn’t get that many pictures of the art because (as corny as it sounds) I really wanted to appreciate what I was seeing, without a camera lens in the way.

Greek Exhibit
Muse De Louvre

When the four days came to an end, we were definitely feeling a little down in the dumps about leaving. After eleven years of living pretty much next door from my best friend, moving down south for uni was a massive change. Paris was the most time we’ve been able to spend together in three years so it was extra special. If I had to say anything about Paris, it’s a brilliant, magical place that definitely deserves a visit!

Emily x


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