Smallish Jewelry haul: H&M, ASOS, and more.

I’m a little bit funny about jewelry, I tend to rotate the same five or six pieces that i’ve had for a few years now. There’s something comfortable in the familiarity, I always know how to style them because i’ve done it a thousand times before.

In keeping with my new years resolution to break out of old habits, I had a scroll through ASOS and a couple of other sites and here’s the result.

Monki Ornate Oval Hoop Earrings

First things first, I got these earrings from ASOS (brand: Monki) after being inspired on instagram by Brittany Bathgate. She posted a picture with the most amazing gold statement earrings from Cos Stores and I instantly fell in love. Unfortunately i’m an accessories scaredy-cat, so I went with Monki’s slightly smaller, but equally beautiful option. At £6.00, I thought they were an absolute steal and they really are a such an effortlessly classic piece that I hope i’ll get a lot of wear out of.

Monki Open Circle Drop Pendant Necklace

Keeping with the gold theme, I bought this necklace from the same brand for an incredible £5.00. I wasn’t quite sure about it when I added it to my basket, mainly because of how it was styled on the model, but I thought I might as well give it a shot considering the price.  I liked that it was a little different with the open circle clasp, but still quite minimal and dainty. I tried it on with a few things when it arrived and I quickly grew to love it. It looks great with a neutral colored, loose fitting jumper and the gold adds a nice bit of warmth to my usually cool toned wardrobe.

H&M Black Wristwatch

Since I bought this watch  at H&M two weeks ago, it has been nearly permanently attached to my wrist. It was a little spur of the moment purchase that I noticed at the till point while I was buying the patent leather ankle boots of my dreams and threw in the basket. I wasn’t overly sure about the size of the clock face as it was a little bigger than I usually wear, but the design of the watch itself drew me in. I love styling it with a couple of plain bangles or dainty chains just to add a little something extra to an outfit. The only thing not quite perfect is that the watch itself is just a little loud if, like me, you don’t wear it completely flush against your wrist but for £14.99 you really can’t complain.

Horseshoe Ring 8mm

I’ve always loved having my ears pierced and as i’ve gotten older, it’s grown from one piercing in each ear, to six or seven. I don’t know if this is just a thing in the towns where I live, but i’ve always found it hard to locate any kind of hoop that’s designed for upper ear piercings. The best place i’ve found? Ebay! There are hundreds of different sizes and designs, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find the one you’re looking for at a really decent price. I’ve always favored horse shoe rings, just because they’re a little comfier than BCR’s. I bought these in an 8mm size, as I find that fits quite well on most of my piercings, they’re very good quality and complete value for money at £1.69 each.

That’s pretty much all the jewelry I bought, I keep meaning to start writing a little clothing haul of what I bought in Paris but I can’t seem to find the time. Hope you enjoyed reading this, I’d love to hear any thoughts!

                                                            Emily xx


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