Dissertation Frustration.

It’s finally here. After three years of thinking the work load from university was too much, the stress of dissertation has finally made itself known.

I can still remember this time three years ago, wandering around campus in my first year optimism, only casually wondering who the tired, angry people leaving the library in their pajama’s at nine in the morning were. Well, now I know. I’m one of those people.

Until you actually come to it, your dissertation is really more of a removed concept. In some ways, you sort of understand what will be asked of you, and in others, you have no bloody clue. The idea of writing 7,000 words of your own original research seems doable, but when you add the same work load as the previous years at the same time – it starts to seem a little impossible.

You start to wonder how you will ever manage to fit everything in to the next few months, how you can possibly be expected to do all this to the best quality you can.

It’s daunting to say the least.

Now, I’ll be the first to hold my hands up – I do not handle stress well.

Usually, I find it can demotivate me, leading to struggles with last minute deadlines and, you guessed it – more stress.

But there’s something different this time around, maybe its the finish line of our degrees slowly coming into focus, or maybe its the camaraderie of midnight, coffee-fueled library sessions.

It’s easy to forget in the middle of this hectic dash that for most of us, these are the last few months of education. So even though I feel like I’m drowning in references (damn you, APA 6), I’m trying to appreciate the freedom that comes hand in hand with being a student. I mean, where else can you roll into lecture at 9am, hungover and possibly* (*probably) wearing your pj top without so much as an eyelash batted in your direction?

I’ve loved my three years studying Literature more than I can say and even though I’m sometimes desperate for the next few months to fly by, surrounded by friends, Netflix, and a copious amount of coffee – I know I’ll get through it.

And let’s be honest, I can’t find the workload too bad as I’m currently sat filling in my application for masters… maybe I’m a sucker for punishment?

Either way, here’s to the next step.

Emily x





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