The Spring(ish) Clean

Today, I finally got around to really putting some thought into my dissertation… well, almost. I sat down at my desk with every intention of starting to write, when I noticed just how cluttered my little office area had become over the winter months. As it’s heading towards the start of spring, I decided to have a really good clear out in the hopes that a tidy study would help me focus. The fact that it let me procrastinate for another day was only a tiny, little bonus… honestly.

I’ve always loved spring cleaning, there’s something so nice about getting rid of the accumulated winter hodgepodge and returning the house to its lovely, organised state.

In a cheery little nod to the changing seasons, Wilkinson’s have started stocking potted plants for fairly decent prices so I picked up a few for £4 each and some nicer, silver plant pots to replace the terracotta ones they were originally in. Hey, if i’m going to be stuck inside for the next three months swamped under uni work, I might as well bring a bit of nature inside so I can at least pretend.

Unfortunately, no one (except everyone who’s ever met me) predicted that once I had gutted my study, I couldn’t stop changing everything about. Every room in my house, other than the newly established man cave – a treacherous place I never dare venture, got a thorough gig about.

Not content with merely rearranging, I decided I wanted to completely revamp my entire home. However, as much as I might wish I could afford to buy entirely new furniture, a student budget meant that some pretty thrifty DIY was needed. After purchasing tins of paint in bulk from B&M, I was a woman possessed.

Honestly, it was pretty cathartic – by the time I had finished, I felt so much more relaxed and as a result I got a pretty decent amount of work done. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a looooooong way from looking at a finished dissertation, but it was good to have a bit of a de-clutter (physically and mentally) and a thorough change around. Hopefully this is the start of a work ethic that’s actually measurable… probably not though.

Happy spring cleaning,

Emily x


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